5 Car Safety Systems Upgrades For Your Ford!

5 Car Safety Systems Upgrades For Your Ford!

They say there’s no such thing as a perfect car, but with the ever-growing advancements in technology, that may be changing. From self-parking to crash-avoidance systems, today’s cars are packed with features that can make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.


If you’re switching to a new vehicle or just thinking about upgrading your old one, here are some fantastic high-tech car safety features to consider.


Parking Assist:

Do you know that approximately one in five car collisions happens in parking lots? It could be because we’re all in such a hurry, or it’s just because parallel parking is tricky.


If you’re not a parking pro, you might want to consider a car with parking assistance. This feature uses sensors to help guide your vehicle into a spot and can even parallel park for you—no more dents in your doors or bumpers.


Lane Departure Warning:

If you’re prone to nodding off at the wheel or just daydreaming too much, this feature is for you. A lane departure warning system will trigger an alarm or vibrate your steering wheel when it senses you’re straying from your lane.


Lane departure warning also uses a camera to detect when your car starts to drift out of its lane without any turn signal activation. You can usually adjust the system’s sensitivity to account for different conditions, like rain or snow.


Backup Camera:

It is a necessity for anyone who struggles to see when backing up or wants an extra set of eyes. The 360-degree camera gives you a complete view of everything around your car. It’s great for tight spots or crowded areas where it might be hard to see what’s behind you.


Most new cars come standard with a backup camera, but you can have one installed relatively quickly and cheaply if yours doesn’t have one.


Even some aftermarket wireless options don’t require any installation at all.


Emergency Braking System:

A driver knows how to brake, but it’s easy to panic in an emergency and either slam on the brakes too hard or not hard enough. Emergency braking systems can sense when a collision is imminent and automatically apply the brakes for you.


It can be conducive if you’re distracted or not paying attention to the road. Automakers prioritize safety features like this, and many new cars come standard with emergency braking systems.


Blind Spot Monitoring:

We’ve all been there-you’re driving down the highway, and you want to change lanes, but you can’t see if there’s a car in your blind spot.


Blind-spot monitoring uses sensors to detect when there’s a car in your blind spot and alerts you with a visual or auditory cue so that you don’t accidentally change lanes into oncoming traffic.


If a vehicle is in your car’s blind spot, these systems will sound a chime, display a warning sign in the car’s mirror, or vibrate.



Lakeland Ford, serving Tampa, FL, wants you to be as safe as driving. That’s why we offer various vehicles with the latest car safety features.


See us today, and test drive the car of your dreams!


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