9 Convenience Tech You Should Look For in Your New Car

Car technology has come a long way – from basic GPS systems to autonomous driving. We now talk about electric cars and even self-driving cars. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the future to get car tech – there are plenty of features available today that can make your ride more enjoyable and help keep you safe on the road.

Here are 9 interesting pieces of tech you should look for when buying a new car:

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of features available today that can make your ride more enjoyable. Look out for these 9 convenience features when you go shopping for the perfect car:

  • Keyless entry
  • Rear seat entertainment
  • Small gear levers
  • Head up display
  • Electronic parking brakes
  • Automatic headlights
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Driver monitoring system
  • Remote start

1. Keyless Entry:

Keyless entry technology makes entering and exiting the car easier. A key fob is used to unlock the doors, and some cars even feature push-button start so you don’t have to take out your keys. All the car needs is for the fob to be within a certain radius to unlock. The convenience of keyless entry is something that might interest you but some drivers worry that they may lose the fob and be unable to enter the car. Or it might land in a thief’s hands, making the car and personal items easier to steal

2. Rear Seat Entertainment

Traditionally, a car’s infotainment is only available on the dashboard for the driver and front passenger. But this is no longer the case as some car manufacturers are avail rear seat entertainment systems. A rear seat entertainment can be a great way to keep other passengers, especially kids, occupied during long drives. This tech feature includes screens that are connected to an audio-visual system that can play movies or music. It’s also possible to connect it to your smartphone so you can access online content such as Netflix shows.

3. Small Gear Levers

We all know the long gear stick between the driver’s and the passenger’s seat. It has been used to drive cars since they were first invented but that was long before the invention of computerized driving components. Nowadays, with modern technology, car manufacturers are replacing these bulky gear sticks with smaller ones. This new technology allows for more convenience as drivers can easily access a wide range of gears without resorting to the cumbersome process of manually changing gears. At the same time, these smaller gear levers are more reliable and sensitive than their predecessors, making for smoother shifts and better control over your vehicle. Some car manufacturers have even eliminated gear levers altogether and replaced them with push-button or dial control systems.

4. Head-Up Display

You’ve probably seen head-up displays in luxury cars, but they are now becoming increasingly popular in more mainstream models. These displays provide drivers with a wide range of information without the need to take their eyes off the road. This technology usually consists of a small display placed in front of the driver that can show speed, navigation directions, and other important information.

5. Electronic Parking Brakes

Electronic parking brakes are becoming increasingly popular in modern cars. These systems automatically apply the brakes whenever the car is parked, which can make parking a much simpler and safer process than having to remember to manually set the handbrake. You activate this feature with a button instead of pulling the usual handbrake lever. This can be extremely helpful if you frequently have to parallel park or fit in tight spaces.

6. Automatic Headlights

Automatic headlights are a great convenience feature, as they can help you stay safe while driving at night. These headlights sense when the sun is setting or weather conditions such as rain or snow make visibility poor, and automatically switch on or off accordingly. This means that you won’t have to remember to manually switch them on and off every time it grows dark.

7. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a slightly more advanced version of regular cruise control, as it allows your car to automatically adjust its speed in relation to the vehicles in front of you. This means that if someone slows down ahead of you, your car will automatically slow down too, and vice versa, so you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting speed when driving on the highway.

8. Driver Monitoring System

Driver monitoring systems are designed to measure and constantly monitor driver performance, alerting them of any potential risks or safety issues. These systems use cameras and sensors to detect signs of drowsiness or distraction from drivers, allowing you to stay safe during long drives.

9. Remote Start

Remote start systems allow you to start your car from a remote location, whether it be inside the house or even miles away. This lets you warm up (or cool down) your car while still keeping it secure so that when you arrive at your vehicle, it’s ready to go. This feature is especially useful during the winter months when you don’t have to step out into a freezing car.

Buy the Perfect Ride With Lakeland Ford

These are just a few of the great pieces of technology that you should look for in your next car. There’s more to come, so make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest automotive technology as it’s released. If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to check out our selection of Ford models at Lakeland Ford. Our dealership has an incredible selection of vehicles that are equipped with the latest gadgets and features to help you get the perfect ride for your lifestyle. Visit us today to find out more about what we can do for you!


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