DIY Car Engine Cleaning To Keep Your Engine Looking New And Healthy

Lakeland Ford Jan Week 3

A clean engine is a happy engine. Car engines are some of the dirtiest parts of your car because they’re constantly exposed to outside elements and get caked in dust, pollen, and other debris. Your engine also produces oil and grease that can accumulate over time if you don’t do anything about it.

How often should you clean it? It depends on what vehicle you have:

  • If you own a gas-powered vehicle that’s driven mostly on paved roads, then we recommend cleaning the exterior surfaces of the engine every three months or so (or whenever there’s buildup).
  • If you live in an area with lots of sand or dusty conditions, we recommend doing this more frequently – at least once a month.

Let’s review the process so you can clean it yourself.

Let Your Engine Cool Down

Before you do anything, let your engine cool down. Engine cleaning is messy, and you don’t want to get injured by burning yourself on hot engine parts. Give the engine time to cool off completely before starting any work.

Get Protective Gear

You’re going to need some protective gear for engine cleaning. You’ll want to wear safety glasses, rubber gloves, and an old shirt you don’t mind getting dirty.

If you’re working on a dirty engine, you’ll also want to cover your skin as much as possible. Also, make sure that your shoes are closed-toed, so no dirt falls in between the cracks as you walk around your engine.

If there is Any Dirt on the Engine – Remove it

The first step to cleaning your engine is to remove any dirt and grime from the surface. This can be done with a sponge or a wire brush which you can usually find at auto parts stores.

Cover Fragile Parts that You See on the Engine

The next step is to protect any fragile parts of the engine. You can do this by using some plastic bags to cover them up. This will help protect them from getting damaged as you clean the engine.

Apply Degreaser and Scrub it in

The next step is to apply a degreaser to the engine and scrub it in. Be sure to read the directions on the degreaser bottle to know how long to leave it on. Scrubbing with a brush can help remove any built-up dirt or grease from the surface of the engine. Once you have scrubbed the degreaser in, let it sit for the amount of time specified on the bottle.

Wipe it Dry

After letting the degreaser sit, it is time to wipe it dry. Use a cloth or paper towel to soak up any of the liquid that is on the surface of the engine. Be sure to get all of the liquid off so that there is no chance of it causing corrosion.

Be careful not to get any water inside any electrical components or into the engine oil dipstick hole.

If you feel uncomfortable cleaning your engine, you can always count on our dealership service center at Lakeland Ford, serving Kissimmee, FL, to clean your engine impeccably. Our certified car technicians are here to help you with your car, truck, or SUV needs. Schedule an appointment today.


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