7 Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

7 Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

It’s prudent to avoid driving in bad weather conditions. But sometimes, you have no option other than hitting the road when the rain’s pouring down. If that’s the case, follow these tips for staying safe while driving in the rain.

1. Check the Windshield Wipers

Most of us don’t think to check our windshield wipers until they stop working in the middle of a rainstorm. Please make sure they’re in good condition before driving in the rain. Add wiper fluid to ensure the dirt and grime stays away during the shower.

2. Drive Slowly

It’s always best to take your time when driving in bad weather conditions. Take extra care when driving over puddles and through potholes. Driving too fast will make it harder to see and could result in an accident.

Bad weather conditions can impact your ability to drive safely. It’s essential to take extra care when driving in wet or icy conditions. Drive slowly and be sure to increase your following distance from other vehicles. Pay close attention to the road and be prepared for changing conditions.

3. Turn on Your Headlights

Many states require drivers to turn on their headlights when it’s raining. Navigating the gloomy weather conditions will be even more challenging if you don’t switch on your headlights. Not to mention, it’s also a safety hazard for other drivers on the road.

4. Check the Weather Forecast Before Leaving

When driving in the rain, check the weather forecast before heading out. This way, you can plan your route accordingly and avoid any areas that may be prone to heavy rain.

5. Avoid Driving in Massive Water Accumulation

Urban flooding is one of the most common dangers during heavy rains. Never attempt to drive through an area with massive water accumulation, even if it seems shallow enough. The currents are usually stronger than they appear and could sweep your car away instantly. Avoid flooded streets and take an alternate route.

6. Pull Over if Necessary

If the driving conditions are too dangerous, it’s always better to pull over and wait out the storm. Find a safe place to park, such as a parking garage or under an overpass, and wait until the rain subsides before continuing your journey.

7. Don’t Drive Toward the Side of the Road.

Water can accumulate on roadsides during heavy rains, making driving conditions even more dangerous. If you can help, avoid driving on the shoulder or very close to the road’s edge. The middle is usually the safest place to be during heavy rain.

Driving in the rain can be a challenge. When you add puddles of water to the mix, it becomes even more difficult. If driving through a rainstorm, take precautions and stay safe on the road. One way to do this is by scheduling a car maintenance and repair session with Lakeland Ford serving Trenton, MI, post-rain drive. We offer detailed vehicle inspections at an affordable rate, ensuring the rainwater stays away from your engine and car parts.


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