A Guide to Fighting High Gas Prices For Smart Drivers

It’s no secret that what you pay in 2023 for gas is $0.60 higher than the nation’s 6-year average. But what can you do when the prices are so high? People complain a lot about the price of gas, but few pay attention to the ways they can effectively fight these high prices at an individual level. As a car owner and driver, there are several strategies you can use to reduce the amount of money you spend on gas.

Here are some smart tips for drivers looking to save money on fuel expenses:

Know The Source of Your Gas

The first step is being aware of when and where to buy gas. There are two key points here: timing and location. For instance, if your goal is to find the cheapest gas, it may be wise to purchase fuel when the market price is low and when you’re near a gas station that usually has lower prices. Gas prices are typically higher on weekends and holidays, so try to avoid filling up during those times. The location of the gas station may also affect the price you pay. Try to find stations that are away from highways and main streets, as they typically offer cheaper rates.

Improve Your Driving Techniques

Another great way to reduce the amount of money you spend on gas is by improving your driving techniques. The most effective methods are less aggressive acceleration, smooth braking, and anticipating stops. By doing so, you will be able to minimize fuel waste and make better use of the fuel that you have in your tank. Additionally, avoiding speeding can also help you save money on gas. Speeding, especially over the speed limit, not only wastes more fuel but also increases the risk of a traffic violation or an accident.

Reduce Your Load

Carrying around extra weight in your car can also use up more fuel. Try to reduce unnecessary items and keep things that you need for the journey (such as a spare tire, emergency tool kit, and first aid kit). Also, reducing the speed at which you drive when carrying heavy loads will help minimize gas consumption. It’s estimated that if you reduce 100 pounds you can save up to 1% on fuel consumption.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Using technology to your advantage can also help you save money on gas. For instance, look for apps that provide real-time information about gas prices in your area so that you can purchase the cheapest fuel available. Additionally, there are a number of car accessories such as dash cams, fuel optimizers and fuel monitors, which can help you monitor your gas consumption and make necessary adjustments. With a basic tool like Google Maps, you can also plan out the most efficient route for your trips to minimize the amount of fuel used.

Reduce Idle Time

Try to reduce the amount of time you spend idling while in your car. This is especially important if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting at a red light Idling can waste up to 1/2 gallon of fuel per hour depending on type of engine and fuel used. So switch off your engine as soon as possible when you’ve stopped for an extended amount of time.

Combine Trips

Several short trips can consume more fuel than one long trip and therefore, it may be wise to combine your trips to reduce the amount of fuel used. By combining trips, you can save gas by reducing the number of times you start and stop your engine. This is especially helpful if you are in an area with frequent traffic jams and long waiting times for lights. Instead of making multiple trips throughout the day, try to condense them into one trip whenever possible. This will not only help reduce your gas costs but will also help you save time.

Get Feedback From Your Car

Vehicle technology has come a long way. Many newer cars have built-in fuel efficiency monitors that provide feedback on your driving habits and ways you can improve. Pay attention to the feedback provided by your vehicle and make adjustments to your driving style accordingly. Following the recommendations from your car’s computer can help you save money on gas over time.

Invest in a Fuel Efficient Car

Sometimes, the best way to reduce your gas consumption is to invest in a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Over time, cars that run on alternative fuels such as hybrid or electric vehicles can save you money and help protect the environment. Cars with good fuel economy ratings are also typically cheaper to keep up and maintain than other types of vehicles. So if you’re in the market for a new car, consider investing in one that’s more fuel-efficient.

Service Your Car Regularly

Regular maintenance is also key to saving money on gas. A well-maintained car will use less fuel and run more efficiently, so make sure that you take it for regular service checkups. Additionally, ensure that your engine oil and other fluids are changed at the recommended intervals as this can help improve the performance of your car and save more fuel in the process.

Reach Out to Lakeland Ford To Buy or Service Your Car in Lakeland, FL

You can effectively reduce your gas expenses and help yourself stretch out each tank of gas for a longer period with the tips above. It’s important to remember that every little effort goes a long way when it comes to saving money on gas. So start making small changes today and see how much you can save over time. If you need help buying a fuel-efficient car or servicing your car to improve its fuel efficiency, reach out to Lakeland Ford. Our service team is available to assist you with regular maintenance and any other issues that may affect your gas mileage.


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