How To De-Fog Your Car Windshield – 6 Surefire Tips!

How To De-Fog Your Car Windshield – 6 Surefire Tips!

A clean windshield is a safe windshield. In the cold weather, your car’s windshield can fog up inside, making it difficult to see while driving. This can be dangerous, especially in Lakeland, FL, where excessive rain can make road conditions treacherous.


Why Does Your Windshield Get Fogged Up?

When the outside temperature is cold, and you turn on your heater, the warm air inside your car condenses on the cold glass. That happens because warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air.

The moisture in the air turns into water droplets (which we see as fog) when it comes into contact with the glass.

Let’s look at these six infallible tips by Lakeland Ford to de-fog your car windshield so you can stay safe on blacktop this fall:


1. Use An Anti-Fog Solution

An anti-fog solution can be bought at any auto parts store and will prevent your windshield from fogging up in the first place. Simply apply it to the inside of your windshield before you start driving, and you’ll be good to go all day.


2. Blast Your AC

The air conditioning in your car will help de-fog the windshield by directing the moisture out of the vehicle. Just set the AC on high and point the vents towards the windscreen.


3. Roll Down Your Windows

This may seem counter-intuitive, but rolling down your windows will actually help to clear up the fog on your windshield. The fresh air will help circulate and dry out the moisture causing the condensation.


4. Use A Defogger

There are products specifically designed to prevent your windshield from fogging up. They usually come in the form of a spray or wipes that you can apply to the inside of your windshield.


5. Turn On Your Heater

The heater in your car will help dry out the air and disperse the condensed water molecules causing the fog. Just be sure to maintain the heater on low so that you don’t end up making the inside of your car too hot.


6. Drive With Caution

When driving in foggy conditions, taking things slow and using your headlights is essential. Remember to turn on your low beams, so you don’t blind other drivers. Be prepared to stop if visibility drops down any further.



That are six easy tips to help you de-fog your car windshield. Hopefully, one (or a combination) of these solutions will work for you the next time you find yourself peering through a foggy window.


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