With A Failing Battery, You’ll Notice These 5 Changes In Your Car

With A Failing Battery, You'll Notice These 5 Changes In Your Car

Your car battery is the most critical part of your vehicle. It provides your engine the power to start and keeps all of the electronic components running while you’re driving. If your battery starts to fail, you’ll notice some changes in how your car performs.

Lakeland Ford will discuss 5 signs that indicate your car battery needs to be replaced in this blog post.

Sign 1: Dim Headlights

Are your headlights dimmer than usual? This symptom is one of the most common signs that your battery isn’t working at its best.

The headlights are powered by electricity from your car’s battery. If it can’t produce enough current to power these lights, they may come on dim or flicker while you’re driving.

If you catch your headlights nodding off, you may want to get your battery tested right away.

It could spell a dangerous situation if you’re driving at night and the lights go out while on the road!

Sign 2: Slow Engine Starting

Isn’t it irritating when you get into your car, turn the key, and nothing happens?

This is one of the most frustrating signs that your battery needs to be replaced. If it takes a few tries for your engine to start or crank over, you may have a problem with your battery.

If this often happens on your daily morning drives, it’s time to get your battery tested.

Sign 3: Strange Noises

It doesn’t get freakier than this! When your car starts inventing weird noises, it’s time to see the mechanic.

Banging, hissing, and clicking sounds are all common indicators that your battery is on its way out. These noises could be a red flag showing that your battery might fail soon – or worse, catch on fire!

Take action and ensure you’re not left stranded on the side of the road by bringing your car in for a battery check.

Sign 4: Warning Lights

Your car’s dashboard is your friend. It can show you when something is wrong with your vehicle – even if it’s as small as a faulty battery.

If the dashboard lights are flickering or plain won’t turn on at all, this might indicate that you need to replace your battery!

Also, watch out for the battery warning light. If you notice it, head down to Lakeland Ford right away and get your car checked out by one of our qualified technicians.

Sign 5: Free of Charge

Is your car battery holding a charge for less time than usual? If so, the battery is draining faster, and you’ll likely need to replace it soon.

To confirm if your car battery is losing its charge, try turning off the ignition. Then, turn your headlights on and test how long they stay lit. The longer they last before shutting off, the better!

However, if the opposite occurs, you’ll know it’s time for a new battery. When you turn off the ignition, your headlights should also go out.

The Gist

Are you noticing any of these 5 signs in your car? It’s time to either replace or recharge your car battery.

If you need help, bring your car to Lakeland Ford serving Orlando, FL! Our team of experts will be delighted to assist you with all of your maintenance needs.

Schedule a service with us today!


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